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Jarrod Watson has built South Central Irrigation into what it is today in order to provide quality service and value to the farming community that is hard to find anywhere else. He takes pride in his business, your business, and the community. Jarrod and his team are always ready to help when and where needed.

We are located at 5426 HWY 136 in Deshler, Ne. Stop by and let’s discuss how we can help you find your next new or used pivot. We also offer preventative maintenance programs to ensure your pivot lasts as long as possible without having to deal with major repairs that can be prevented.

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(402) 365-7202

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We have a team of highly skilled field technicians on call when you need us. Whether it is a same-day emergency or a general maintenance issue you want fixed right away, we are here to give you the best service around without having to wait for it.

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5426 HWY 136
Deshler, NE 68340

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(402) 365-7202



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